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geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.  . >>> we saw matt make a grea throw to second base to throw out figgins and that's what shaun warner wanted to see. they have been working defense all season long and today they held one of their sessions. the focus of the session was footwork. he wants matt to step in the right direction with the first step toward second. he said when he does it right we saw what happened in the first inning. he throws the ball to the second baseman's side of the ball, when he does it wrong it goes to the short stop side of the bag. don also pointed out how strong an arm matt has. he throws to second base in about 1.8 seconds and th
's the money you could be saving with geico. who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. >> espnews brought to you by: >> two rounds of the barclays in the book, and webb simpson is your leader, a two-shot lead on paul goydos and steve marino. tiger woods finished one over in the second round. he is eight shots off the lead. phil mickelson 11 shots back. ♪ >> scrambling up in the pocket. throwing down field. coltson takes it inside. touchdown. good for a 70-yard score. a great adjustment by drew brees. >> brees sets up quickly. throws to the end zone. has a receiver. touchdown saints. >> 2008 was a season of consistent inconsistency. new orleans had the saints finishing 8-8. individually drew brees joined dan marino to become the second player to throw for more than 5,000 yards in a single season. defensively the saints ranked among the worst unit in the n.f.l. trent dilfer on the biggest concerns this season in the big easy. >> th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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